We offer highly engineered quality services, delivered to our clients by our experienced and professional personnel to the highest industry standards. We can cater to following service requirements:
Nitrogen Services
  • Nitrogen Purging / Inerting
  • Nitrogen Leak Testing
  • Nitrogen Helium Leak Testing
  • Cool Down
Since Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, nontoxic, nonreactive and noncorrosive inert gas it can be used for a variety of reasons within oil & gas industry. During startups & shutdowns operations nitrogen is the most preferred gas.

It is used to perform various activities like drying with Nitrogen, Nitrogen purging and packing, Nitrogen blanketing / Inerting & Nitrogen pressure testing. Our experienced engineering and sales team will work with you to design customized solution for all of your nitrogen service requirements.
Nitrogen Helium Leak Test
A homogenous mixture of nitrogen/helium (N2/He) is pumped into the system. A Zone II, sound proof Nitrogen Pump is used to convert liquid nitrogen to gas & pump the gas into the system at various ranges of flow rates, pressure & temperatures. This testing method is considered as the final & most stringent form of leak detection, as it establishes the integrity of the system being operationally ready by identifying & quantifying leaks with the help of a mass spectrometer. All flanged, threaded connections of piping and equipment within the test envelope are subjected to test.
ECOTECH has emerged as one of the leading companies in this segment and maintains an impressive inventory of equipment such as pumps, tanks, vaporizers and other ancillary equipment. All equipment are certified for both onshore and offshore operations.

ECOTECH provides nitrogen/helium (N2/He) leak testing and other associated nitrogen services on pipeline and process system during pre-commission phase & shut down activity. These services are provided to onshore / offshore installations.
Salient Features of N2 / He Test
  • 1% Helium 99% Nitrogen
  • Leaks Identified Quantified using A Mass Spectrometer
  • Testing Done at Operating Pressure With an Inert Gas
  • Integral Part of The Pre-commissioning Procedure
  • Enables a Safe / Smooth Start Up
Nitrogen Applications
  • Purging during shut down and maintenance
  • Simulation of live conditions / Test runs for safe startups
  • Leak testing of new process plant and system
  • Preservation & drying of pipelines during commissioning & work over
  • Removal of the oxygen (O2) hydrocarbon, liquids and gasses content in the system to avoid explosive mixture
  • Onsite nitrogen generation
  • Pipe freezing & plugging
Comparison chart between other types of testing v/s N2/He leak testing
Note: ECOTECH can provide all of these test options